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Pillsy makes it easier to stay healthy.

Automatic Tracking

Pillsy tracks when you take a pill and syncs with the app. No need to push buttons!

Family Sharing

Use Pillsy to help care for a loved one. You can choose to get notifications when they miss doses, or get weekly reports.

Intelligent Reminders

The smart pill bottle blinks and beeps when you forget a dose. You can also get reminders on your smartphone.

No More Double Doses

Pillsy can send alerts when you take multiple doses too quickly. You can also view your history.

Easier Refills

Pillsy keeps track of how many pills you have remaining, making it easier to refill.

Nutrient Tracking

Use Pillsy with your vitamins to track your nutrient levels. Syncs to Apple Health.

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How does the Pillsy smart pill bottle work?

The smart pill bottle connects to your phone using Bluetooth 4.0. The bottle senses when it's opened and closed, and syncs with your phone in the background. Using the app, the bottle can be configured to beep when you forget a dose.

How long does the battery last?

It runs on a replaceable coin cell battery that lasts for over 1 year.

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